Natural Star detangler and coat shine

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Natural detangler and coat shine with a soft smell of Clementine

Natural’Star, developed by Natural’Innov is a natural, innovative and unique formula.

This care product is particularly recommended:

  • To untangle the mane and tail and keep them souple.
  • To bring shine to the coat, mane and tail, while nourishing them in depth.

Spray 30 cm from the coat, mane and tail, avoiding nose and eyes. Then, use a soft brush or a detangling brush.

Texturing agent => Adds suppleness & detangling;

Gloss substance => Contributes to shiny coat;

Macadamia oil => Nourishes the horsehair and coat;

Evening primrose oil => Hydrates;;

Vitamin B5 => Activates hair growth;

Clementine essential oil => Provides soft scent of clementine.

Packaging in the form of a 500 ml spray, 1 L and 2.5 L refills.