Long Frac Horse Pilot Women

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Long Frac, to stay elegant and perform

Designed in a double layers of thermo-welded stretch fabric, the Mini Frac is an excellent compromise between stability and elasticity. The stitches are thermo-welded to reduce friction and provide more comfort. Refined and modern, it enhances the elegance of the dressage rider in the arena. The sleeves are preformed to adapt to the position of the rider's arm. The tailcoat is weighted to keep it pinned down.   

The result, is a Frac that combines technicality and elegance to meet the expectations of the most demanding dressage riders.

Ergonomical shape

Tailored collar

Preformed sleeves

Zipped front opening

Rosegold buttons

Stretch and breathable fabric

Half belt in the back

Decorative PU tape on cuff and middle back

Tail coat with weight

Colour: Navy blue, Black

Sizes: 34-42



In horse riding competitions, all riders have a perfect outfit. It is impossible for competitors to imagine arriving with a horse that hasn't been groomed or braided for the occasion while being himself badly dressed. Style is now an integral part of the sport, as we can see in most competitions today.


When we are in competition we are under more constraints. Indeed, unlike training, the rider must take into account factors that he cannot always control. For example, when the competition is held outdoors, it is important that the equipment protects the rider from cold, rain, heat and wind. It is therefore important for Horse Pilot to create riding jackets that allow the rider to avoid the effects of the weather during the competition as well as during warm up. Textiles are breathable and regulate body temperature to cope with both winter freshness and summer heat.
Competitions are always a source of stress and anxiety for competitors. The body is under great strain and wearing comfortable clothing during exercise is essential. Not having to worry about your outfit allows you to focus more on your technique and your course. The technology developed at Horse Pilot is called Extra Comfort. Designers and creators work together to find the best fabrics to give you the impression of wearing a second skin that will perfectly adapt to your morphology and your position on the horse.


Horse Pilot is convinced that wearing clothes that adapts to the rider's movement considerably improves his performance and helps him to progress further. To begin with, the fabrics used are designed to be as light as possible. Then, Preform Fit technology allows the rider to feel good, regardless of their position on the horse or on the ground. Finally, all our outfits are designed to offer the best aerodynamic performance.