Pour nos fans de LeMieux: nouvelle catégorie outlet / fins de série / déstockage / remises 

For our LeMieux fans: new outlet category / stock  clearance / discontinued items / discounts


For the rider

Equipping the rider from head to toe, for competition or for leisure, for work in the yard or for recreation, opens up a lot of options.
First of all, quality and safety prevails for us then the comfort. There is no bad weather just poor clothing, so we have streamlined the equestrian wear on offer to beat the weather. Fashion comes into the decision process too. And we like to do things a little different and offer useful gear.  
You will find in this section some classics for Men and Women such as spurs and straps, shirts and jackets, breeches and hoodies, socks and gloves. And some useful objects too. 
Some of our brands in this section include : Horse Pilot, Sprenger, MacWet, LeMieux, Transhorse Sport, Pfiff, Rainlegs, C4 Belts, OneK.
Belt bag multi functional and water repellent
9.99 € 9.99 € 9.99 EUR
Adjustable water repellent bum bag
C4 Belt
18.50 € 35.01 € 18.5 EUR
Adjustable, resistant, waterproof, easy to clean.
OneK Helmet Defender Pro Matt Chrome
290.00 € 290.00 € 290.0 EUR
Eye-catching elegant chrome venting accents and an easy to clean matte finish.
OneK Helmet Defender Elegance Chamude Sparkle
390.00 € 390.00 € 390.0 EUR
Sparkling Celestial rhinestone designed top with chrome stripes and vent, complete with Chamude surface.
OneK Helmet Avance Matt Rosegold
360.00 € 360.00 € 360.0 EUR
Wider brim and trendy rose gold accents
OneK Helmet Defender Pro Matt Glitter Chrome
400.00 € 400.00 € 400.0 EUR
Eye-catching sparkling stone top panel and chrome front shield.
28.00 € 39.99 € 28.0 EUR
PU Leather. Single thickness for more comfort.
Sport bag by Equi-Arte
65.05 € 99.00 € 65.05 EUR
For your riding or sports gear. For travel
Liberte fleece jacket LeMieux
47.92 € 59.90 € 47.92 EUR
Super comfortable. Super soft.
Celsius Jacket Women Horse Pilot
180.00 € 225.00 € 180.0 EUR
The Celsius sleeveless vest gives excellent insulation for the upper body while preserving total freedom of movement for the arms.
Arctic fleece sweater Women
45.00 € 45.00 € 45.0 EUR
Warm and smooth fleece top by Catago
Merino base layer Women SS
70.00 € 70.00 € 70.0 EUR
Authentic Merino Wool. O neck and short sleeves.
Merino base layer Women LS
85.00 € 85.00 € 85.0 EUR
Authentic Merino Wool. O neck and long sleeves.
Merino base layer Women LS Collar
99.90 € 99.90 € 99.9 EUR
Authentic Merino Wool. High collar with zip and long sleeves.
Merino leggings Women
79.90 € 79.90 € 79.9 EUR
Authentic Merino Wool. Slim fit, suitable under breeches.
Liner OneK
26.00 € 26.00 € 26.0 EUR
Compatible liner for OneK helmets. Get the perfect adjustment!
Gas Cartridge Airbag Horse Pilot
28.00 € 28.00 € 28.0 EUR
Gas refill for Horse Pilot Airbag vest developed by In&Motion
Mini Frac Horse Pilot Women
450.00 € 450.00 € 450.0 EUR
Mini Frac, to stay elegant and perform
Long Frac Horse Pilot Women
625.00 € 625.00 € 625.0 EUR
Long Frac, to stay elegant and perform
White Stock tie
16.50 € 16.50 € 16.5 EUR
White stock tie ready to use.