Ungula SOS Gale de boue (Mud fever)

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    For treatment of mud fever. Helps to speed the skin restoration process.

    100% natural and handcrafted product by Ungula Naturalis. 

    SOS Gale de boue (Mud Fever) is a cosmetic ointment for horses to be applied locally. It helps to speed up the skin restoration process. Thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing power, it helps to soothe itching. In case of high humidity, SOS Mud Fever can be used preventively before the first symptoms of mud scab appear.

    Tips: In the presence of mud scabs, clean and disinfect the affected area. Do not remove the scabs when they are present. Put on a vinyl glove and apply the ointment to the parts to be treated. Repeat the operation two to three times a day. Preventively, apply once a day to the suspect areas
    Ingredients; aloe vera, mother-of-pearl, balsam of Peru, calendula officinalis extract, allatoine, marine extract, essential oils, shea butter, lanolin, petroleum jelly, sulfur, vegetable oils, vitamins, vegetable extracts

    480ml packaging
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