SOS skin repair Ungula

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    Booster for healing wounds. Antiseptic essential oils. (Previous name Nacri Crevasses)

    100% natural and handcrafted product by Ungula Naturalis. Helps heal skin cracks and wounds. Antiseptic effect. Stimulates fast healing. To be used in case of symptoms related to skin cracks
    - Wounds
    - Rashes
    - Skin erosion
    - Scratches

    Its fast healing effect entails that it is not suitable for skin cracks that are situated of the hock, on flexion joints, or in humid environments. In those cases, SOS Crevasses is better suited (also available at Horsify) The large presence of antiseptic essential oils in the composition ensure a good protection to the wound. The concentration and mix of active ingredients make it an exceptional product. The results are visible after the first 12 hours. The Nacri Crevasse helps the coat grow in the same colour.

    Clean and dry the affected area and apply a layer of Nacri Crevasses 2 to 3 times a day. Application before a working session is recommended. Continue applying until cracks completely disappeared. It is recommended to wear gloves and changing between each application.

    Ingredients: Peruvian balm, calendula officinalis extract, aloe vera, mother-of-pearl, 4 essential oils, lanoline, 1 vegetable oil, Vaseline, vitamins, plant extracts

    Packaging 100ml