Barrier Event Grease

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    Grease that protects, soothes, allows skin to breathe, stays on

    Barrier Event Grease gives protection to the legs, chest and belly as they skim and knock against fences. Contents: This natural formulation contains the purest lanolin, vegetable surfactants and herbal concentrates blended together to form a tough greasy lubricant which stays on through the most demanding conditions. Most importantly it allows the skin to breathe. Soothing and Pain Relieving: Included are natural high grade essential oils known for their soothing and pain relieving qualities. They also help to disperse bruising and soothe minor cuts and grazes. Allows skin to breathe: Does not seal the skin, allows it to breathe which is of great consideration especially in hot weather. Safety Data : Non-toxic, Non-irritant
    Packaging : 1L