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  • Leather hole punch

    Leather hole punch

    Metal punch with a revolving head for different sizes of holes.
    10.50 €
  • Bionic Stud Wrench

    Bionic Stud Wrench

    The wrench adjusts automatically to the stud size. Easy to fasten and handle.
    37.00 €
  • Sweet pouch

    Sweet pouch

    For treats or accessories (telephone, keys,…)
    15.00 €
  • Cut-Safe knife

    Cut-Safe knife

    Ideal for cutting bailer twine, carrot bags, feed sacs, etc

    3.50 €
  • Stud wrench

    Stud wrench

    Flat wrench and tap shank.
    8.00 €
  • LeMieux Wool Wash

    LeMieux Wool Wash

    For cleaning all wool-lined saddle pads or other accessories.
    18.00 €
  • Cool Groom

    Cool Groom

    Sponge groomer: one side rubber teeth and sponge on the other side.
    4.00 €
  • Bot egg knife

    Bot egg knife

    Finely serrated metal blade. Scrape downwards to remove eggs.
    5.20 €
  • Tangle Tidy Plus brush by LeMieux

    Tangle Tidy Plus brush by LeMieux

    Cool and practical.
    13.95 €
  • Fly ribbons

    Fly ribbons

    Super sticky fly ribbons to hang.
    3.00 €
  • Magnetic stud tray

    Magnetic stud tray

    You won’t lose your studs anymore with this magnetic tray.
    7.95 €
  • Stormsure horse rug repair kit

    Stormsure horse rug repair kit

    For permanent, flexible and waterproof repairs to horse rugs.
    15.25 €
  • Equi Ping safety release

    Equi Ping safety release

    Equi-Ping allows handlers to safely tether their horse whilst at home or to a trailer/horsebox when away from the yard.
    9.20 €
  • Storage box

    Storage box

    Robust, stackable, tight lid. Several practical sizes for the tack box.
    7.45 €
  • Hanging hook

    Hanging hook

    Complete set of hanging hook, chain and 2 carabiner links for hanging bridles, halters, ropes, spurs, bits and much more.
    65.00 €
  • Brush and pick - studs

    Brush and pick - studs

    A "must have" tool to clean studs and stud holes in the horse's shoes.
    6.00 €
  • Aqua Bag

    Aqua Bag

    Sturdy clear bag with lateral handle and screw cap to easily store and transport water.
    6.00 €
  • CloseShave Razor

    CloseShave Razor

    To trim whiskers, face, ears, bridle paths, etc.
    2.50 €
  • Swipets hair removal gloves

    Swipets hair removal gloves

    Effortlessly removes hair left behind by horses, cats and dogs
    15.95 €
  • Velcro brush

    Velcro brush

    A super useful gadget to remove filthy elements that get stuck on to your velcro straps.
    6.50 €
  • Wooden Stud Box

    Wooden Stud Box

    Unique hand crafted stud box to store all your stud tools.
    150.00 €
  • Cactus Wash Balls

    Cactus Wash Balls

    Collects hair, fur and loose fibres in the washing machine.
    8.50 €
  • TopZop Plaiting Comb

    TopZop Plaiting Comb

    Everything which is needed for plaiting in one easy tough tool.
    15.00 €
  • Folding stool

    Folding stool

    Foldable compact and lightweight stool
    15.50 €

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