For the Tack Room

Having a horse means having a lot of associated kit and equipment too.

It’s important to keep at hand everything that you may need to groom your horse and clean your leather products.
It’s worth investing too in useful items such as punch pliers, hooks and bags, saddle racks, plaiting tools whilst not neglecting hoof care accessories.
For traveling, there are handy solutions for example for carrying water, hay, your horse’s official documents, storing his and your equipment.
To keep your gear in a safe and organized fashion storage boxes can be convenient.

We are confident you will find something handy and practical in this section for your tack room.

Some of our brands in this section include: LeMieux, Transhorse Sport, Pfiff, Elico, Gloria Brushes, TopZop, Swipets, NAF, Equi Ping Safety Release

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  • Folding stool

    Folding stool

    Foldable compact and lightweight stool
    15.50 €
  • Bionic Stud Wrench

    Bionic Stud Wrench

    The wrench adjusts automatically to the stud size. Easy to fasten and handle.
    37.00 €
  • Fly ribbons

    Fly ribbons

    Super sticky fly ribbons to hang.
    3.00 €
  • Identification holder

    Identification holder

    Translucent document holder can be attached the box to indicate instructions or store small items.
    9.00 €
  • Document holder

    Document holder

    2 inner pockets. Small outside pocket with a board card. Delivered with board marker of non permanent ink.
    25.00 €
  • Horse passport holder

    Horse passport holder

    Plastic translucent pouch. Has a small pocket for a visiting card and can be zipped shut.
    3.50 €
  • Aqua Bag

    Aqua Bag

    Sturdy clear bag with lateral handle and screw cap to easily store and transport water.
    6.00 €
  • Alu Ring

    Alu Ring

    Aluminium ring offering multiple storage possibilities (spurs, bits, etc…)
    15.00 €
  • Stable door guard

    Stable door guard

    Nylon fabric. Beautiful design. Adjustable.
    85.00 €
  • Box curtain

    Box curtain

    Adjustable length and breadth. Velcro fasteners. Storage pockets.
    130.00 €
  • Bridle Bag (Big)

    Bridle Bag (Big)

    This big bag offers ideal storage space and protection for bridles, breastplates, and girths.

    Regular Price: 75.00 €

    Special Price 52.50 €

  • Sweet pouch

    Sweet pouch

    For treats or accessories (telephone, keys,…)
    15.00 €
  • Cut-Safe knife

    Cut-Safe knife

    Ideal for cutting bailer twine, carrot bags, feed sacs, etc

    3.50 €
  • TopZop Plaiting Comb

    TopZop Plaiting Comb

    Everything which is needed for plaiting in one easy tough tool.
    15.00 €
  • Cactus Wash Balls

    Cactus Wash Balls

    Collects hair, fur and loose fibres in the washing machine.
    8.50 €
  • All Purpose Hook

    All Purpose Hook

    Aluminium hook for multiple stable items.
    25.00 €
  • Wooden Stud Box

    Wooden Stud Box

    Unique hand crafted stud box to store all your stud tools.
    150.00 €
  • leather Total Revitaliser

    leather Total Revitaliser

    Nourishes all types of leather. High protection.
    14.35 €

Items 1 to 24 of 73 total

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