Coat, mane, general care

An array of products for coat and mane care, as well as shampoos and other care products.

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  1. Bach Flower Rescue

    Bach Flower Rescue

    17.99 €

    Rescue helps the horse return to a peaceful setting conducive to the development of natural coping and healing mechanisms. Learn More
  2. GumBits


    14.95 €

    Candy to stop grinding. Learn More
  3. Ungula SOS Crevasses (skin cracks)

    Ungula SOS Crevasses (skin cracks)

    26.00 €

    Helps heal skin cracks, barrier against moisture, drying action Learn More
  4. Lipstick Hydra-Fix

    Lipstick Hydra-Fix

    12.50 €

    Protects and repairs painful, rough or chapped corners of the mouth and nose. Learn More
  5. Antibac Shampoo

    Antibac Shampoo

    25.00 €

    Ideal for dry, damaged, itchy, scaly skin
. Softens and facilitates the removal of scabs and dandruff of the coat. Learn More
  6. No Itch Balm

    No Itch Balm

    29.75 €

    Acts in case of skin irritations caused by insect bites and itching. Suitable in case of sweet itch. Learn More
  7. Antiseptic and bacteria repellent gel

    Antiseptic and bacteria repellent gel

    17.50 €

    Ideal for mud fever, abrasions and other skin irritations (wounds). Learn More
  8. Assorted wraps NAF NaturalintX

    Assorted wraps NAF NaturalintX

    35.00 €

    Cohesive elasticated support bandage designed to hold wound dressings in place. Learn More
  9. NAF NaturalintX Poultices

    NAF NaturalintX Poultices

    80.00 €

    Highly absorbent poultices for wounds, abcess', etc. Learn More
  10. Arnica Gel NAF NaturalintX

    Arnica Gel NAF NaturalintX

    15.55 €

    Natural gel used to relieve blows, bruises, bumps and aches. Learn More
  11. Cohesive bandage

    Cohesive bandage

    2.00 €

    Cohesive bandage that can be used under boots. Learn More
  12. SOS Spot spray dry shampoo

    SOS Spot spray dry shampoo

    12.50 €

    Allows you to keep your horse clean without water Learn More
  13. Bit Butter - equine lip balm

    Bit Butter - equine lip balm

    14.50 €

    Bit Butter moisturises & heals the mouth. Restores feeling & comfort Learn More
  14. Perfectionist Body Shampoo

    Perfectionist Body Shampoo

    15.95 €

    Gives a long lasting natural shine. High Gloss. Detangler. Whitener. Learn More
  15. Carr & Day Mane and Tail Conditioner

    Carr & Day Mane and Tail Conditioner

    24.00 €

    Powerful detangling, makes grooming quick and easy. Gives an immaculate and oil-free shine. Learn More
  16. Green Clay

    Green Clay

    39.00 €

    Green cooling clay from Julian&Jones for legs, joints and tendons. Learn More
  17. Detangler Royal Shineness

    Detangler Royal Shineness

    17.25 €

    Long-lasting detangler and coat shine. 2 products in one. Learn More
  18. Ungula Nacri Crevasses (skin repair)

    Ungula Nacri Crevasses (skin repair)

    29.00 €

    Booster for healing wounds. Antiseptic essential oils. Learn More
  19. Revitalizing liniment

    Revitalizing liniment

    21.75 €

    Refreshing and revitalizing body liniment for use after intense training or heavy sweating. Learn More
  20. Apple Hydro Boost Shampoo

    Apple Hydro Boost Shampoo

    15.95 €

    The apple fresh moisturer - SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER & DETANGLER - by Julian&Jones Learn More
  21. Alpine No Itch Shampoo

    Alpine No Itch Shampoo

    38.95 €

    An OASIS OF WELLBEING for Skin & Hair - SHAMPOO for DRY, ITCHY and IRRITATED skin and coat - by Julian&Jones Learn More
  22. Barrier Event Grease

    Barrier Event Grease

    24.20 €

    Grease that protects, soothes, allows skin to breathe, stays on Learn More
  23. Natural Flow Tendon Gel

    Natural Flow Tendon Gel

    35.00 €

    100% natural source of Japanese mint essential oils to reduce the risk of joint and tendon inflammation Learn More

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