Care Products

Your horse’s health and wellbeing are a priority for you if you have landed on this page.
Maybe your veterinarian has made some suggestions; maybe you are looking for a new care product or simply a healthy treat.
In this section you will find an array of products for coat and mane care, as well as insect and fly repellants and shampoos.
We provide a wide range of general health products that comply to anti-doping requirements: vitamins and food supplements for problems relating among other to recovery, muscle building, joints, behavior, digestion, ulcers and general vitamin needs.
A very comprehensive offer of hoof ointments and oils are available.
Add to this some basic first aid products that are must haves in your yard and some healthy treats that contain as little sugar and starch as possible.

Some of our brands in this section include:  Julian&Jones, Ungula Naturalis, NAF, Frenzy, Gumbits, Bit Butter

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  1. Ungula special wood shavings blond

    Ungula special wood shavings blond

    15.00 €

    Primarily for horses on shavings in their box. For light colored hooves. Learn More
  2. Beetroot chips by Frenzy

    Beetroot chips by Frenzy

    11.00 €

    High content of potassium, iron and folic acid. Antioxidant. Learn More
  3. LinaGlow


    29.85 €

    100% natural supplement containing extruded flax seed, barley, wheat, root chicory (prebiotic effect), spirulina (rich in vitamins A, B, D, E), minerals and omega-3. Learn More
  4. Alpine Herbal Bricks

    Alpine Herbal Bricks

    12.95 €

    Contains Alfalfa, linseed, origano, thyme et fenugreek. Learn More
  5. Naturally Lovely Treats

    Naturally Lovely Treats

    8.75 €

    Contains maize, red beet and whole carrot flakes. Learn More
  6. Mix Natural Treats by Frenzy

    Mix Natural Treats by Frenzy

    11.00 €

    To reward your horse, naturally. Learn More
  7. Leave Me Alone Insect Repellent

    Leave Me Alone Insect Repellent

    28.25 €

    Insect repellent for horses and dogs. Provides protection until at least 14 hours. Learn More
  8. Show Prep

    Show Prep

    126.00 €

    Helps to increase muscle mass and improves athletic performance by creating additional muscle cells and to prevent muscle damage after intensive exercise Learn More
  9. Lipstick Hydra-Fix

    Lipstick Hydra-Fix

    12.50 €

    Protects and repairs painful, rough or chapped corners of the mouth and nose. Learn More
  10. HepaRen+


    48.00 €

    Detox cure to support liver and kidneys. Learn More
  11. Immuno Boost

    Immuno Boost

    48.00 €

    To build up and maintain adequate immunity in a 100% natural way. Learn More
  12. Superhorze BOOSTER Comfort

    Superhorze BOOSTER Comfort

    9.00 €

    For horses that could do with some more energy, while remaining fully controllable. Learn More
  13. Digest Boost

    Digest Boost

    45.00 €

    Solution to optimize digestion, to improve gut health and restore gut flora. Learn More
  14. Antibac Shampoo

    Antibac Shampoo

    25.00 €

    Ideal for dry, damaged, itchy, scaly skin
. Softens and facilitates the removal of scabs and dandruff of the coat. Learn More
  15. Linseed Safety Oil

    Linseed Safety Oil

    46.00 €

    Useful in case of increased exercising intensity to help boost the energy to perform the exercises and recover better. Learn More
  16. Siliforce Horses

    Siliforce Horses

    125.00 €

    Silicon, Selenium, Zinc = Essential trace elements for bone health and strength. Learn More
  17. Insect Free

    Insect Free

    12.95 €

    Insect repellent, extremely efficient, rapid and prolonged action. For horse and rider. Learn More
  18. Detangler Royal Shineness

    Detangler Royal Shineness

    17.25 €

    Long-lasting detangler and coat shine. 2 products in one. Learn More
  19. Ungula Nacri Crevasses (skin repair)

    Ungula Nacri Crevasses (skin repair)

    29.00 €

    Booster for healing wounds. Antiseptic essential oils. Learn More
  20. Lactarecovery


    58.50 €

    Very well-suited for horses which could use some extra help with musculoskeletal recovery and flexibility when they have overloaded themselves during top performances. Learn More
  21. Revitalizing liniment

    Revitalizing liniment

    21.75 €

    Refreshing and revitalizing body liniment for use after intense training or heavy sweating. Learn More
  22. Apple Hydro Boost Shampoo

    Apple Hydro Boost Shampoo

    15.95 €

    The apple fresh moisturer - SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER & DETANGLER - by Julian&Jones Learn More
  23. Alpine No Itch Shampoo

    Alpine No Itch Shampoo

    38.95 €

    An OASIS OF WELLBEING for Skin & Hair - SHAMPOO for DRY, ITCHY and IRRITATED skin and coat - by Julian&Jones Learn More
  24. Relax & Easy

    Relax & Easy

    58.50 €

    Helps to support nervous and "spooky" horses in stressful situations. Learn More

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