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Food supplements and care products that make a difference.

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  • SOS Spot spray dry shampoo

    SOS Spot spray dry shampoo

    Allows you to keep your horse clean without water
    13.50 €
  • Superhorze BOOSTER Comfort

    Superhorze BOOSTER Comfort

    For horses that could do with some more energy, while remaining fully controllable.
    10.00 €
  • Immuno Boost

    Immuno Boost

    To build up and maintain adequate immunity in a 100% natural way.
    50.00 €
  • HepaRen+


    Detox cure to support liver and kidneys.
    50.00 €
  • Lipstick Hydra-Fix

    Lipstick Hydra-Fix

    Protects and repairs painful, rough or chapped corners of the mouth and nose.
    12.50 €
  • Show Prep

    Show Prep

    Helps to increase muscle mass and improves athletic performance by creating additional muscle cells and to prevent muscle damage after intensive exercise
    129.00 €
  • Stomach Shield - Ulcers

    Stomach Shield - Ulcers

    STOMACH SHIELD helps protect the stomach lining and contains different active ingredients to keep the gastric pH neutral.
    93.00 €
  • LinaGlow


    100% natural supplement containing extruded flax seed, barley, wheat, root chicory (prebiotic effect), spirulina (rich in vitamins A, B, D, E), minerals and omega-3.
    30.00 €
  • Relax & Easy

    Relax & Easy

    Helps to support nervous and "spooky" horses in stressful situations.
    60.00 €
  • Lactarecovery


    Very well-suited for horses which could use some extra help with musculoskeletal recovery and flexibility when they have overloaded themselves during top performances.
    60.00 €
  • Detangler Royal Shineness

    Detangler Royal Shineness

    Long-lasting detangler and coat shine. 2 products in one.
    17.95 €
  • Leather clean and Conditioner 2 in1

    Leather clean and Conditioner 2 in1

    Removes dirt marks and deposits. In depth cleaning of leather pores.
    4.00 €
  • leather Total Revitaliser

    leather Total Revitaliser

    Nourishes all types of leather. High protection.
    14.35 €
  • Digest Boost

    Digest Boost

    Solution to optimize digestion, to improve gut health and restore gut flora.
    47.00 €
  • Antibac Shampoo

    Antibac Shampoo

    Ideal for dry, damaged, itchy, scaly skin
. Softens and facilitates the removal of scabs and dandruff of the coat.
    25.00 €
  • E-Lytes Boost

    E-Lytes Boost

    Concentrated and tasty powder mixture of electrolytes and vitamins.
    31.00 €
  • Vita force

    Vita force

    Food supplement containing MSM, yeasts, minerals, trace éléments, fatty acids and amino acids, to improve the overall condition, body balance and vitality.
    53.00 €
  • Vita E & Selenium – VSL

    Vita E & Selenium – VSL

    Contains vitamin E, selenium and lysine. Its key vitamins, trace elements and amino-acids support the overall muscular development of the horse.
    93.00 €
  • Arti Flex - joints

    Arti Flex - joints

    Artiflex was developed to give confort to joints thanks to its contents of chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, manganese, asthaxanthine and DHA.
    115.00 €
  • Perfectionist Body Shampoo

    Perfectionist Body Shampoo

    Gives a long lasting natural shine. High Gloss. Detangler. Whitener.
    15.95 €
  • Mood Control

    Mood Control

    Extraordinary supplement to reduce hormonal-based reactions of emotional, aggressive, anxious and hot horses.
    60.00 €
  • Antiseptic and bacteria repellent gel

    Antiseptic and bacteria repellent gel

    Ideal for mud fever, abrasions and other skin irritations (wounds).
    17.50 €
  • No Itch Balm

    No Itch Balm

    Acts in case of skin irritations caused by insect bites and itching. Suitable in case of sweet itch.
    29.75 €
  • Golden Oil Mix

    Golden Oil Mix

    Contains everything that a high level sport horse may need: it has a wide spectrum of effects on recovery, vitality, immunity, muscles and joints.
    123.00 €

Items 1 to 24 of 34 total

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